• Сustomization of technology to meet our clients’ business needs.
  • Training employees to use 100% of IP-telephony functionality

No missed calls. Integration with CRM all calls recording

IP-telephony to Raise the Efficiency of your BUSINESS
Recording of calls
Monitoring and economic security of your organization by recording incoming / outgoing calls, calls to cell and on cell phones
The Conference function allows you to combine employees and customers in different territories into a single communication field
Itemized calls
Details and reports available on all incoming and outgoing calls and unanswered calls, allow you to monitor employees and reduce communication costs
Integration with CRM
Integration with CRM systems, customer-oriented approach provides a framework of interaction with your customers and reduces the number of sales managers
Voice mail
Voice mail; call forwarding; transfer the call; queue, etc. - All these services provide additional usability for your customers
Multichannel numbers
Multi-channel number is always available and provides WELCOME format for your customers
Call forwarding
You are not in, but there is a mobile phone? No call is lost! All calls will come to manager’s mobile! If he does not take - the Director will!
Benefits of IP telephony
  • Reliable communication, which is due to the purchase of the customer addresses in Moscow, Tashkent, Bishkek, London and GSM-gateways, can significantly reduce the cost of long-distance, international calls and calls to mobile operators
  • The technology allows the use of landlines, with affiliation to any city in the world
  • The technology is an indispensable solution for companies with a broad territorial location and a large number of business units
  • Technology flexibility and fair price can quickly start the office with minimal input costs
  • If you have Internet access, you can organize your phone where the lack of fixed-line operators
  • Flexible expansion of phone lines: the number is limited only by the available bandwidth of the access channel to the Internet.
  • The use of IP-telephony allows reducing the number of sales managers and excluding serving units (secretary / administrator) to reduce personnel costs.