Cloud Services

Cloud Services

When the IT needs of companies grow, and purchasing your own server isn't affordable, we can offer cloud services. We give companies the opportunity to rent only some volume of the server that is necessary for the productive operation of its services, for example, 1C.

Cloud Services

What services can be transferred to the cloud:

  • CRM
  • 1C
  • Proxy, VPN
    Proxy, VPN
  • Web Services
    Web Services
  • File server
    File server
  • Telephony
  • Backups server
    Backups server
  • Corporate mail
    Corporate mail

How it works

  • We administer server and provide reports

    We administer server and provide reports

  • We provide a place in the cloud and transfer your services there

    We provide a place in the cloud and transfer your services there

  • We make a commercial offer

    We make a commercial offer

  • We analyze client's request

    We analyze client's request


  • Reduced expenses on the server Reduced expenses on the server

    Renting one cloud server will cost you several times cheaper than the costs of buying, configuring and administering a physical server regarding the cost of electricity and a fire safety system.

  • It doesn't take up office space It doesn't take up office space

    With a cloud server, you don't need to build your own server infrastructure and designate a special room with a separate air conditioning system, as a physical server demands.

  • Easily administered and scaled Easily administered and scaled

    We provide a convenient roadmap with recommendations to an existing IT professional. We prioritize the identified problems, give our assessment and recommendations for their elimination.

  • When the risks of data loss become critical for business, and it is not profitable to invest in a full-fledged server infrastructure, we offer to transfer existing services and configurations to the cloud.

    Cloud services. Offer for small business

    We transfer 1C into the cloud

    Set up remote access to databases and backup.

    We create ecosystem

    We set up data exchange between different services, for example between1C and the website.

    Cloud Services

    We let you test the novices

    You can opt out of the cloud at any time without the risk of overpayment or data loss.

    We secure data

    We set up regular backups and will ensure the security of your company data.

  • We will help to introduce new services using the clouds if the existing server infrastructure doesn't have enough resources for this.

    Cloud services. Offer for large production enterprises

    We set up general access

    We will ensure effective data exchange between departments of the company or several facilities.

    We make communication easier

    With cloud mail and telephony you will always be sure that your e-mails will reach the addressee.

    Cloud Services

    We allocate resources for specific tasks

    For example, only at the time of closing the accounting period in order to speed up this process.

    We set up synchronization services

    We can establish data exchange between configurations that are already used.

  • We set up access to 1C, CRM system and file hosting for all branches, wherever they are, so that employees of the same company work in sync from different locations.

    Cloud services. Offer for trading companies

    We set exchange data branches

    We will set up synchronization of all branches so that all data is displayed in real time, and you can make decisions here and now.

    We make the operation of branches transparent

    With online services, we mitigate the risks of fraudulent branch sales data and human factor errors.

    Cloud Services

    We can easily expand and reduce staff

    We will provide resources for flexible scaling of the staff for design work and allocate remote access for sales managers.

    We update infrastructure

    We will develop an ecosystem of cloud services so that it covers the needs of the company and meets all modern business requirements.

  • We provide places in cloud for all company services in According to Law on Personal Data Protection and head office security policy.

    Cloud services. Offer for foreign representative offices

    We take on your 1C

    We will help you set up a system of full-fledged work with local authorities and submit regulated reporting according to 1C, the Taxpayer's Account, electronic invoices and accompanying invoice for goods.

    We will provide reliability of services

    We will build the cloud infrastructure that meets the data security policy in accordance with international standards.

    Cloud Services

    We work with the head office

    We work under the leadership of the head IT departments and customize our processes and standards for you.

    We secure your data

    We will set up regular backups and backup copies to keep your company data safe.

Advantages of cloud solutions

We use cloud servers that operate in data centers in Kazakhstan and Germany. Our experience tells that the fault tolerance of cloud servers is much higher than that of physical ones. We work in accordance with the data protection rules adopted in the European Union.

  • 99.9% 99.9%

    is the percentage of fault tolerance of the cloud solution. This figure is significantly lower for physical servers.


    We sign an agreement on the confidentiality of your data and bear full responsibility for them.

  • 18 YEARS 18 YEARS

    we work with cloud services. Having discovered any vulnerability in one client, we eliminate it for everyone.

Comprehensive solution

The cloud server rental service comes with administration with by the IT Support Group. Why is this convenient?

  • Unification and the single-window principle
    Unification and the single-window principle

    If problems occur, it will not be necessary to break the connection, all requests are resolved in one window.

  • Speed response
    Speed response

    We process all incoming applications within 15 minutes.

  • Centralized management and transparency
    Centralized management and transparency

    We act as a conductor and maintain all the interactions with data center by ourselves.

Calculate the cost for your company

Server parameters

CPU cores: 21
RAM: 21 Gb
SSD: 21 Gb
HDD: 21 Gb
Network (IP): 21
Backups: 21 Gb
Estimated price:
= 23 450 /months
+ one-time payment for server deployment and configuration

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