Servers and networks

Servers and networks

We provide highly qualified specialists to ensure that your servers and networks meet business challenges, and your valuable data is always safe.

Servers and networks
  • Infrastructure development
    Infrastructure development
  • Data optimization
    Data optimization
  • Infrastructure support
    Infrastructure support
  • Consulting projects
    Consulting projects

How it works

  • We keep your servers and networks in optimal condition

    We keep your servers and networks in optimal condition

  • We optimize and eliminate errors, implement safety standards

    We optimize and eliminate errors, implement safety standards

  • We draw up a proposal for optimization

    We draw up a proposal for optimization

  • We audit the IT infrastructure of the company

    We audit the IT infrastructure of the company


  • Cost reduction Cost reduction

    We modernize and scale the existing IT infrastructure, conduct regular audits of servers and applications that use it: we remove the unnecessary ones, freeing up servers for new tasks.

  • Increased reliability Increased reliability

    We develop a safe, and most importantly, reliable data backup scheme, set up individual access depending on the positions of your employees.

  • Acceleration of work Acceleration of work

    We optimize the load on the servers and distribute it so that all applications such as corporate mail, SAP, 1C and file storage work at maximum speed.

  • For small businesses, we provide a team of experienced server specialists who will replace one full-time admin and reduce company costs.

    Servers and networks. Offer for a small enterprise

    We learn
    about your business

    We focus on business tasks, draw up a roadmap and set the goal together.

    We introduce
    new technologies

    We will catch up with progress so that your employees work comfortably and efficiently.

    Servers and networks

    We standardize

    We will develop a documentation and reporting standard for networks and server infrastructures.

    We ensure
    data security

    We will analyze servers and LANs, eliminate the risks of data leakage outside the company.

  • We will ensure the safety of your production processes: we will build a reliable system and optimize staffing units.

    Servers and networks. Offer for a large enterprise

    We adjust
    the 1C performance

    We will optimize the 1C server and reduce program downtime so that accountants work without delays.

    We update
    the equipment fleet

    We will carry out an inventory of server equipment, dispose of the old hardware and install a new one.

    Servers and networks

    We protect
    your processes

    We will set up reliable and secure backups so that your digital treasures always remain within the company.

    We optimize
    your IT budget

    We will develop a plan, give recommendations, purchase and configure server hardware based on your business goals.

  • We will establish the work of server administrators and performance criteria. We will provide our specialists for ongoing support of the server infrastructure and for design works.

    Servers and networks. Offer for trade companies

    We provide
    high-class specialists

    Our server and network service department employs specialists with experience in IT of at least 5 years.

    We set the

    All incoming requests for server, network service and remote support will be processed in the single-window-system.

    Servers and networks

    We consult on
    complex IT projects

    With our help, you will be able to implement original IT projects without hiring specialized IT masters for your staff.

    We provide support
    of our partners

    If we receive tasks that are out of our competence, we will ask for help our trusted partners from related fields.

  • We have extensive experience in working with foreign representative offices under the management of the head office. Here in Kazakhstan we will become the “eyes” and “hands” of your IT department.

    Servers and networks. Offer for foreign representatives

    We are
    always in touch

    We work 7 days a week, without days off and holidays. We have our own system for monitoring the health of server and network equipment.

    We speak

    All of our specialists undergo regular certification in order to increase their expertise in IT. If needed, we can provide service in English.

    Servers and networks

    We handle communication with the head office

    We work under the guidance of head IT departments and adjust our processes and standards to your demands.

    We solve other problems
    not directly related to IT

    We solve issues not only on IT maintenance, but also on 1C, design work, equipment purchase and logistics.

Communication with the client

Our server and network department is in full touch with your employees and management. We communicate in an understandable language and can explain how the IT infrastructure works and what needs to be done to improve it in simple words.

After an audit of servers and networks, we can predict the operation of your IT system and give recommendations on how to achieve business goals.

Rustam Baimuldin, Server specialist (Windows) IT Support Group

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