IP telephony

IP telephony

Modern business is hard to imagine without e-mails, instant messengers, phones and the Internet. IP-telephony is needed by companies that need to measure time and the number of their calls, as well as be able to listen and record calls.

IP telephony

How it works

  • We set up PBX and install software

    We set up PBX and install software

  • We purchase equipment

    We purchase equipment

  • We select the server or the number of SIP phones

    We select the server or the number of SIP phones

  • We conduct an audit

    We conduct an audit


  • Scales business Scales business

    IP-telephony allows business not to be tied to locations. You can organize a single call center that will work all over the world with the Internet access. Create a single workspace for all remote professionals.

  • Integrates into business processes Integrates into business processes

    Integrate your calls into business processes: a CRM system or 1C and get a convenient tool for managing and analyzing of calls, as well as for collecting data. Set special greetings dedicated to holidays, weekdays or weekends.

  • Collects data and analyzes it Collects data and analyzes it

    IP-telephony allows you not to lose calls and get detailed statistics on them. The business owner will always be in the loop by receiving reports on time and number of incoming and outgoing calls.

  • We will help build a modern communications infrastructure within the company and with customers. Thanks to the PBX setting, the server will not miss any important call, even when the employee is not in place.

    IP telephony. Small business offer

    Accessibility and mobility

    A virtual number can be accessed regardless of the location, you only need access to the Internet.

    Business convenience

    Conferences with an unlimited number of participants, listening and recording calls, and intervention if necessary.

    IP telephony


    Thanks to encrypted communication channels, access to information is closed to third parties, unlike the old telephone networks.


    You can easily connect additional numbers for employees to IP telephony, meanwhile with the analog telephony, this is difficult to do.

  • We understand that for large manufacturing companies, the most important thing is a quality connection between employees and customers. We will help you transfer from old analog telephony to modern digital one smoothly.

    IP telephony. Large enterprise offer

    communication costs

    Thanks to low-cost IP-telephony, you will reduce communication costs by tens or even hundreds of times.

    We will open up
    new opportunities

    We will connect the virtual PBX service, and you will get the full range of modern call processing capabilities.

    IP telephony

    We will give you control
    and collect statistics

    Flexible and convenient statistics and call recording will allow you to optimize office operation to the fullest.

    We will help you enter
    new markets

    Direct numbers in any city of the world will allow you to easily open new offices and explore new markets.

  • We will deploy a flexible call center that will be easily scalable depending on the needs of the business.

    IP telephony. Offer for trading companies

    We will open
    a personal account

    It will store data on all calls: their number, time and duration, call records, a list of missed calls and detailed analytics.

    We will connect multichannel

    Customers will always be able to reach the company and never hear a busy line on the phone, so you will receive more calls.

    IP telephony

    Set up
    call direction

    You will be able to re-direct calls from clients to a group of employees, not just to one device. It will become easier to receive calls, and the response time will be reduced.

    We will combine
    telephony with CRM

    Conversations are integrated with the CRM system: a client card is created automatically, so the manager sees the entire call history.

  • We will help you scale your existing IP telephony, purchase numbers and negotiate with local telecommunications companies.

    IP telephony. Offer for foreign representatives

    We are
    always in touch

    We work 7 days a week, without days off and holidays. You can leave a request and one of our 80 specialists will respond.

    We will
    connect multichannel

    Customers will always be able to reach the company and never hear a busy line signal on the phone, so you will receive more calls

    IP telephony

    We take care
    of communication
    with the head office

    We work under the management of the head IT departments and adjust our processes and standards for you.

    We solve problems
    not directly related to IT

    We solve issues related to IT maintenance, consultations on design work, purchase of equipment, logistics and negotiations.

Individual solutions to business problems

At the first stage, we find out the needs of the client, and we develop a unique commercial offer that meets your business objectives, based on them.

IP telephony
For each commercial offer, we develop the optimal telephony infrastructure:
Head office in Almaty
IP PBX Yeastar S100 (up to 100 internal numbers) with multichannel Internet SIP numbers and ten analog lines
GSM gateway for 4 SIM cards
GSM gateway for 4 SIM cards
43 operational IP phones
43 operational IP phones
Branches in other countries
Branches in other countries
Conference calls
Conference calls
Analog lines 8 FXO via SIP gateway +2 lines in PBX with redundant function
Analog lines 8 FXO via SIP gateway +2 lines in PBX with redundant function
Recording to HDD
Recording to HDD

Official partnership with the international vendor

Since 2013, we have been cooperating with IP.MATIKA, the official vendor of global manufacturers of subscriber equipment for IP telephony. This means that we purchase all equipment from a trusted partner directly from the manufacturer, cutting the retail middlemen.

IP telephony. Official partnership with the international vendor
  • Логотип Yealink
  • Логотип Yeastar
  • Логотип Gigaset
  • Логотип Milesight
  • Логотип 3CX

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