IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

We provide outsourcing services for the successful solution of business problems when the company's own IT capacities are not enough. In this case, we act as assistants and take over the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

IT outsourcing
  • Remote  support
  • Field  specialists
  • Service  center
  • Equipment and software sales
    Equipment and software sales

How IT outsourcing works

  • Report  and consult

    and consult

  • Take over  your IT tasks

    Take over
    your IT tasks

  • Conclude  an agreement

    an agreement

  • Conduct  an audit

    an audit

Benefits of IT outsourcing

  • Cost reduction Cost reduction

    By hiring a service company, you reduce the company's expenses for the salary fund of a full-time IT specialist. And for a fair price, you get a full-fledged IT department instead of one specialist.

  • Transparency of IT work Transparency of IT work

    We keep records of incoming requests in the CRM system. We analyze requests from the client and work ahead of the curve: if the problem repeats, we look for ways to eliminate it or to optimize the equipment. We provide reports on the work done on your request.

  • Processes speed-up Processes speed-up

    Our staff consists of more than seventy experienced IT specialists who process the requests of all your employees at the same time. There will be no more delays in work due to 1C or mail lags.


«We understand the importance of uninterrupted office operation, and we also know how different departments of the company depend on the efficiency of business processes in the IT department. Therefore, we are ready to provide high-quality outsourcing of your IT infrastructure. What is IT service for organizations? Outsourcing of IT services is a full-fledged department for replacement and support of full-time IT specialists. Providing outsourcing in the IT field, we will help in the maintenance and repair of computers, networks and servers, protect the office from cyber threats, monitor the correct operation of important programs (1C, CRM, mail clients), refill printers, process user requests through a single call center.
Contact us! Our experience is at your service!»

Dmitriy Reznichenko,
Service Director
Dmitriy Reznichenko, Service Director IT Support Group
  • In companies where IT is an integral part of the business, it is very important to have an employee you can rely on. We offer as many as 90 masters who specialize in various areas of IT.

    Outsourcing. Offer for a small enterprise
    We know the specifics
    of your business

    For 18 years of work, we have worked with 500 companies from various industries and fields.

    We expand
    IT capabilities

    We will optimize existing resources and engage new ones so that your business can grow.

    We will provide
    reports on the work

    We determine KPI and send reports on the results of the achievements.

    We will guarantee
    the result

    We are responsible for the quality of the services provided, technology, recommendations and suppliers.

  • In manufacturing companies, we act as the main IT assistant and partner. We establish the entire IT infrastructure of production and take over the management of full-time IT specialists.

    Outsourcing. Offer for a large enterprise
    We adjust
    the performance of 1C

    We will optimize 1C and install all the necessary components to reduce downtime. We will establish fast and effective communication between departments.

    We will update
    the equipment

    We will carry out an inventory of all your equipment: we will dispose of the old and purchase replacements.

    We will create
    the infrastructure for
    a new branch

    In case of expansion of production, we will ensure smooth integration of branches.

    We manage your
    full-time IT department

    We act as a governing body: we will optimize the staff, set KPIs, and make sure that the work of the IT department is beneficial to your business.

  • We will help your business develop: we have high competence in all areas of IT, and reliable partners that we can vouch for. We work out your requests through SLA, and we solve them quickly and efficiently.

    Outsourcing. Offer for trade companies
    We will conduct an audit of the IT infrastructure

    We will check the performance of your IT and give recommendations on how to optimize it.

    We will process all the applications
    at the same time

    We employ 90 IT specialists. This allows us to process a large flow of incoming requests at the same time and reduce the downtime.

    We will solve a problem at your place with the help of our field specialists

    For problems that need to be resolved on site, we have a full field IT department. They will come, solve the problem, and also pick up and bring the equipment that needs to be repaired.

    We will increase the level of satisfaction with
    the IT department

    We will reduce the number of incoming requests per month and increase the level of satisfaction with the IT department within the company.

  • The most important thing in our work is the speed and quality of problem-solving. We process all incoming requests within 15 minutes, have a wide range of services: remote support, project management, 1C consultations. We work according to the SLA customized for your company.

    Outsourcing. Offer for foreign representatives
    We are always in touch

    We work 7 days a week, without days off and holidays. We have our own system for monitoring the health of server and network equipment.

    We speak English

    All of our specialists undergo regular certification in order to increase their expertise in IT. If necessary, we can provide service in English.

    We take over communication with your head office

    We work under the guidance of head IT departments and adjust our processes and standards to suit you completely.

    We solve problems not related to IT directly

    We solve problems related not only to IT maintenance, but also to 1C, design works, equipment purchase and logistics.

Outsourcing service system

We work together with you!
IT specialists of remote support are available from 8 a.m. to 12 midnight, on weekends and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on holidays.
8 a.m.
12 midnight
10 a.m.
10 p.m.

Process description

Within 15 minutes, we process your request and assign an IT specialist to solve your problem. After that, the appointed specialist will contact you to clarify the details.

The time it takes to solve a problem always differs and depends on the difficulty you are facing. If necessary, we will redirect the request to the field specialists department in order to resolve it right in your office.

Transparency of processes and your honest feedback about working with us are important to us. Therefore, after the request is closed, you can assess the work of the IT specialist and leave your comment.

Asista. Accept the request Asista. Appoint a specialist Asista. Solve the problem Asista. Close the task
Calculate the cost for your company
Number of users (computers), 5 000 per unit
Number of servers, 30 000  per unit
You claim that your company has 100 or more employees. In this case, we recommend that you use our outstaffing service.
Estimated service cost per month:*
246 000

Find out the final cost from our manager*
Before we sign a contract, we conduct an audit (survey of your IT infrastructure)

What's included in the price?

  • Remote support 7 days a week
  • Unlimited number of IT specialist visits
  • Maintenance of office equipment
  • Network configuration and software installation
  • Installation of programs required for work (full MS Office package, printer connection)
  • Installation and update of antivirus software
  • Installation and configuration of 1C
  • Configuration and update of Java
  • Purchase and installation of certificates
  • Server configuration and maintenance
  • Monitoring server and network equipment Zabbix

What is outstaffing? This is when we assign one IT specialist or a whole team to work in the client's office

  • You get a qualified IT specialist and his or her «backup», a substitute specialist, in case the first one gets sick
  • You do not have to deal with the papers: we work under a standard service agreement, and all personnel documentation is maintained by us
  • If the company has a problem that the outstaffer can't solve, our department of field and server specialists and the line III of remote support will lend a hand
  • Outstaffer works not only as an IT specialist, but also acts as an IT manager carrying out all communication with service and server specialists
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