Work in out team

Work in out team

Not only we provide IT outsourcing services, but also train and certify specialists and form the standards and direction for the development of IT culture in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. We want the human working environment to become more comfortable, more reliable and safer.

Work in out team

Who are we looking for

  • Novice specialists Novice specialists

    Those who are ready to learn and constantly improve skills and establish qualifications. In other words, outgrow themselves. We have many tasks and the work is difficult.

  • Experienced specialists Experienced specialists

    Those who can not mend clients' fences, but prevent crises and problems using the IT service standards developed by us.

  • Team players Team players

    One who will always be on the duty. For our clients, we work from 8 a.m. to midnight, and within the company, IT specialists have the opportunity to choose a day or evening schedule.

Training system

  • We welcome teamwork — each employee can approach a senior specialist or head of department for advice or assistance.

    As a team, we solve complex complex tasks that are beyond the power of a single employee.

    HR. Tutoring
  • We have a mandatory employee certification system which is the testing in the CRM system.

    Certification is divided into blocks by topic, with the passing of each new block, IT specialists improve levels of qualification and get promotions.

    HR. Certification
  • For new employees who have recently started working, we offer to try their hand at practice and work in different departments: in Remote Support, in the Service or in the On-Call Department.

    This way you can “pump” faster, gain experience in different areas of IT service and find out what you like best.

    HR. Practice
  • We applaud the growth of employees: our IT specialists are the main providers of progress. Upon request, we can pay partially or fully for training in any external courses, for example, our Service Director is now undergoing ITIL certification, and the heads of the Remote Support and Service Department are studying at Kaizen.

    HR. Further training

Salary grades

We offer our employees an average salary in the market, which depends on the tasks actually performed. This means that the salary is piecework: we do not have a fixed upper limit of a salary.

Career growth is tied to the specific success of the employee: for example, there are three lines in the company (i.e. the category of specialists depending on skill level). Each line of specialists has its own training system, certification and salary grades.

Salary grades
  • Line 1  of Remote support

    Line 1
    of Remote support

    Accepts applications, solves problems of the minimal level of risk according to the current instructions for beginning specialists.

  • Line 2  of Remote support

    Line 2
    of Remote support

    Solves more complex tasks that the Line I could not deal with, for example, some typical work with client servers.

  • Line 3  of Remote support

    Line 3
    of Remote support

    Solves high-level tasks, accepts new clients by filling in technical information, analyzes and optimizes the client's IT infrastructure.

Youth practice

We invite junior and senior students of the colleges and universities to practice and learn the standards of IT service, test their skills "in the field" and gain experience in solving real problems.

If the internship is completed successfully, we can offer permanent employment depending on the level of qualification and skills of the trainee.

Youth practice IT Support Group

Work according to instructions

Over the years, we have developed our own IT service standards. For almost every process, we have our own protocol (an instruction or a workflow) which helps to avoid mistakes in work. All instructions are available in printed and electronic versions, and are issued to employees upon admission to work.

Corporate ethics

  • Corporate ethics 1
  • Corporate ethics 2
  • Corporate ethics 3
  • Corporate ethics 4
  • Corporate ethics 5
  • Corporate ethics 6
  • Corporate ethics 7

The work in our team is built on the principles of synergy and mutual respect: we try to maintain maximum transparency in relations with employees, managers and clients of the company.

Despite the fact that we are part of a large holding, we keep warm and friendly relations within the team: the general director, for example, works in open space office with all the other employees, and you can always approach him and ask a question.

Learn more about working for our company

Alexei Belimov, General Director of IT Support Group, will tell you what a new employee will get in our company. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us at the interview or in the comment section to this video. See you at work!

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Listen to our general director
Alexey Belimov