IT audit

IT audit

Diagnostics of your IT infrastructure, security, servers, networks and business applications. We identify risks, help to eliminate them and reduce downtime in business processes.

IT audit

How it works

  • We report and make recommendations

    We report and make recommendations

  • We conduct an audit

    We conduct an audit

  • We conclude an agreement

    We conclude an agreement

  • We make a commercial offer

    We make a commercial offer


  • Accelerates business processes Accelerates business processes

    We audit not only your IT infrastructure, but also processes indirectly related to IT. We check how secure business processes are and identify potential problem points that can cause downtime for the company.

  • Assesses risks Assesses risks

    During the audit, we find out how the security of information infrastructures actually works. Does your server have a backup? Is your telephony protected? Do you overpay for services that you do not fully use?

  • Helps your IT professionals Helps your IT professionals

    We give a convenient recommendation list to your IT specialists. We emphasize the detected problems; share our assessments and recommendations for their elimination.

  • We will help small and medium enterprises to identify growth points, scale their business and protect them from data loss.

    IT audit. Small business offer

    We know the specifics
    of your business

    For 18 years, we have worked with five hundred companies in different industries and areas.

    We optimize

    We will determine the real needs of your business and present solutions that will not hit your budget where it hurts.

    IT audit

    We provide reports

    We will present a detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure and indicate all the problems ranked by priority.

    We keep confidentiality

    We will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you so that all your valuable data remains inside your company.

  • In manufacturing companies, we act as the main assistant and partner in IT issues. We will check the problem areas and consult you on how to eliminate them properly.

    IT audit. Large enterprise offer

    Adjust the speed of 1C

    We will give recommendations on optimizing 1C and installing necessary software to reduce the downtime. We will establish quick and effective communication between departments.

    We will update your equipment fleet

    We will take an inventory count of all your equipment and tell you what needs to be updated and what can be resuscitated.

    IT audit

    We will build
    the infrastructure
    for your new branch

    In case of expansion of production, we will give our recommendations for the smooth integration of branches.

    We level the risks

    We will identify weak spots and potential problem points in order to prevent the leakage of important information.

  • We will help your managers to control the time and workload of employees in remote branches or outsourcing specialists.

    IT audit. Offer for trading companies

    Adjust the speed of 1C

    We will provide a specialist who will test how 1C works and give recommendations on eliminating downtime.

    We audit branches

    We will examine the main problems and needs of the company's branches. We will share our recommendations for optimizing the IT infrastructure with the management.

    IT audit

    We learn how
    your security works

    We will prevent the threat of cyber-attacks and data loss by examining all the risks of leakage. We will diagnose external and internal communications.

    We will increase the level of satisfaction with
    the IT department

    We will give proactive recommendations and increase the level of satisfaction with the IT department in the company.

  • We will conduct an express audit and draw up a detailed report so that the head IT department is aware of how the representative office infrastructure works.

    IT audit. Offer for foreign representatives

    Conduct a basic
    security audit

    We will check the networks, connections, and server infrastructure in regards of fire safety. We will make a written and photo report for the head office.

    We communicate
    in English

    All our specialists undergo regular certification in order to increase their expertise in IT. If necessary, they can provide their services in English.

    IT audit

    We take care
    of communication
    with the head office

    We work under the management of the main IT departments and adjust our processes and standards for you.

    We solve problems
    on our own

    If necessary, we will perform service procedures right on the spot: we will remove the server cabinet, put the wires and connectors in order.

Convenient and understandable report forms

IT audit. Convenient and understandable report forms

After our IT professionals complete the audit, you receive a detailed report that includes diagnostics of all points of the IT infrastructure. The report is sent as a pdf-file for further work on the recommendations.

PDF Скачать шаблон аудита

Calculate the cost for your company

Leave a request to get a free consultation on the cost of an IT audit for your company.

Calculate the cost for your company

Leave a request to get a free consultation on the cost of an IT audit for your company.

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