IT outsourcing service system developed by IT Support Group

On June 30, 2022, the IT outsourcing service system «ASISTA» became an object of intellectual property included in the state register of objects protected by copyright ©

Asista ITSM system

ITSM system developed for the Kazakhstani business space

Asista was created to provide a comfortable working environment for our clients' users and increase the efficiency of IT Support specialists. Asista automatizes the routine processes of an IT service, and its design makes it possible for a user to get a necessary support in a couple of clicks.

Asista ITSM system

Asista eliminates the need for direct contact with a support specialist: just explain your problem, our IT master will connect to your workstation or send a field specialist to you, while you can track the status of your request in real time.

Main functions

  • Gets applications through the web interface
  • Works directly with CRM due to the development of the original API
  • Shows the status of requests
  • Sends notifications via email to users
  • Provides convenient access to the archive of requests of an individual user
  • Recognizes the user by ID
Main functions of Asista
Daria Romasyova, IT specialist of Support Line 2 IT Support Group

How to install Asista

For each new client, we conduct an inventory count and assign a unique ID to each workstation. Asista is installed by a specialist of our company and configured so that the system recognizes the user and workstation upon activation of each new request.
Daria Romasyova,
IT specialist of Support Line 2

What's new in Asista 1.2

  • Three separate modules for requests, archive and notifications
  • Improved performance of the request module
  • You can activate the previously completed request now
  • Access to the archive
  • Launch of notification system
  • Algorithm for installing the system for new users, authorization and access level was developed
What's new in Asista 1.2
  • Asista concept

    Asista concept

    Previously, the request submission software (RSS) was a simple feature to help take the burden off the support line 1. But over time, RSS became one of the main directions for the development of the entire group of companies.

    We chose to market RSS as a product for the user and focus on user requests and needs.

    After the modernization of the system and the creation of a new concept, we introduced Asista, a caring and competent assistant. It is always in touch and ready to provide any specialist to solve IT problems for your enterprise.

    Asista is a new management system for support and creation of IT infrastructures.

  • Asista request module

    Request module

    This is the foundation of Asista. The process of developing our outsourcing service system began with the creation of the request module.
    The request module is an interface where the user can fill out a form. The system will send it to our CRM and assign an executor. This specialist will complete the task in order of priority or transfer it to a more experienced line, that is, request level gets increased.

    For example, we got a request for the restoration of the printer. The line 1 staff performed the standard procedures to restore the device but they didn't help. In this case, the request is advanced to the line 2. If this fails to yield results, then the request is transferred even further, to the line 3. The task is to be solved by the efforts of several professional masters until the desired result is obtained.

  • Asista archive module

    Archive module

    Asista has an archive module. We managed to safely transfer the data from our clients to the CRM system, so it became possible to give users access to archive materials. Access to the data archive can be full (all company requests for the entire period of cooperation) or partial (users see only their own requests).

    The list of requests can be generated using time, username or status filters. In addition, it is possible to re-activate any request from the archive, making it relevant.

  • Asista notification module

    Notification module

    The most important thing in any interface is the ability to understand what state the system is in at the moment, how it will behave in the future, and what options users have working with it. Asista follows this very principle.

    We have made a system of notifications automatically appearing in the working UI at every stage of working with the system.

How to use Asista

We will tell and show the interface

Access levels and roles in Asista

  • Users


    Ordinary users who need IT support every day. They are the initiators of the majority of requests in the system. They have access only to their own requests in the archive.

  • Specialists


    IT masters of three support lines, server, service and field specialists. They have an access to ITSG's internal CRM system.

  • Admin clients

    Admin clients

    Most often, these are the heads of companies that are serviced by ITSG. But unlike ordinary users, they have access to the archive of all requests by a particular organization.

  • Developers


    Programmers with full access to the system. They can make changes to the business logic and algorithm of the Asista.


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