Some companies need staff members: in this case, we allocate our specialist or a whole department to work on the client's side under a contract.

  • We define the goals and objectives of the business
    We define the goals and objectives of the business
  • We select the right specialist
    We select the right specialist
  • We set KPI and tracking system
    We set KPI and tracking system
  • We introduce an outsaffer into working processes
    We introduce an outsaffer into working processes


  • Flexible IT department Flexible IT department

    With outstaffing, it's easy to expand a department, narrow it down or temporarily transfer employees to a specific project and then return them back.

  • Minimal replacement risks Minimal replacement risks

    For each outstaffer in our company there is a «backup»: this is an employee of the same level of knowledge who replaces the outstaffer in case of a sick leave or vacation.

  • Work according to standards Work according to standards

    We have standards that we created during our career experience. These standards are aimed at achieving the client's goals. We can bring your IT department to these standards or work according to yours.

  • We rarely recommend outstaffing for small businesses, since outsourcing is most likely enough to support the IT infrastructure of small companies. But for specific areas the processes of which are closely related to IT, outstaffing can bring many benefits.

    Outstaffing. Offer for a small enterprise
    We solve
    problems promptly

    We reduce business downtime where it is lethal: in call centers or educational institutions.

    We provide
    a ready-to-work specialist

    We will optimize existing resources and engage new ones so that your business can grow.

    We provide
    work reports

    We set a KPI and send reports on the results of its achievement.

    We introduce
    our processes

    We work according to our own standards. We put things in order in IT and prevent problems.

  • We provide employees with deep experience in the IT field to bring your production infrastructure to a new technological level.

    Outstaffing. Offer for a large enterprise
    We conduct
    regular audits

    We fully check the operability of the infrastructure, introduce new technologies or update the existing ones to modern standards.

    We optimize
    the staff

    In large enterprises the IT department can be overstaffed. We help to optimize it.

    We act
    as intermediaries

    We close the gaps between the requirements of line specialists and management.

    We give

    Based on the business objectives, we give recommendations on the equipment and software, used or planned for purchase.

  • We help to optimize the IT department for business tasks, we work proactively and prevent the emergence of routine problems in the IT infrastructure.

    Outstaffing. Offer for trade companies
    We work on
    an individual SLA

    We develop individual performance indicators for each company, depending on the goals of the business.

    We leave you the opportunity to manage
    the IT department

    We make the IT department flexible – with outstaffers in the team, it's easy to expand or contract staff without the risk of downtime.

    We catch up to
    your work processes

    We know your specifics and provide a full-fledged backup person: a substitute employee so that the work of other departments would not slow down.

    We focus on
    business objectives

    Business is our main criterion, so we create all the conditions for you to develop and achieve your goals.

  • We adapt to your processes and act as «hands» and «eyes» of the head IT department.

    Outstaffing. Offer for foreign representatives
    We work under
    your management

    We know your standards and are ready to provide reliable outstaffers who will work under the management of the head IT department or the global IT company that serves you.

    We guarantee

    We provide IT specialists and their outstaff backers with the same level of expertise and knowledge of the processes.

    We work
    on SLA

    We know how important the performance metrics of each IT professional are. We are ready to work according to your KPI and will provide a manager who will monitor its implementation.

    We know
    the specifics

    We have a successful experience of implementing outstaffing in the processes of other foreign representative offices, so we know the specifics of reporting and documentation.

Selection of a specialist

We maintain all personnel documentation ourselves. We select employees based on the requirements of the client with certain personal qualities and level of expertise.

  • Foreign languages
  • Knowledge of accounting systems
  • Experience with a global IT company
  • Expertise in specific IT areas
  • Availability of a backup specialist with the same level of expertise

In addition to outstaffers, you get a full-fledged IT manager who communicates with the board, develops employees, manages them, sets KPIs and monitors its implementation. We select employees so that in case of time off or sick leave, we can provide a substitute.

Igor Avdoshkin
Head of Outstaffing Department
Igor Avdoshkin, Head of Outstaffing Department IT Support Group
Customer reviews

We are one of the few companies in the Kazakhstan market that knows how to work with foreign representative offices and does it successfully.

Assessed value
Calculate the cost of outstaffing
The number of specialists in the department
Expertise level of specialists
Estimated service cost per month:*
2 500 000

Find out the final cost from our manager*
Before we sign a contract, we conduct an audit (survey of your IT infrastructure)

What's included in the price?

  • You will have a qualified professional IT specialist and his back-up - a deputy to replace him in case of absence due to illness and/or vacation.
  • You do not have to deal with the papers: we work under a standard service agreement, and all personnel documentation is maintained by us.
  • If the company has a problem that the outstaffer can't solve, our department of field and server specialists and the line III of remote support will lend a hand.
  • Outstaffer works not only as an IT specialist, but also acts as an IT manager carrying out all communication with service and server specialists.
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