1C consulting

1C consulting

We provide 1C-consulting service together with our partner AVITIM Company, the official 1C franchisee in Kazakhstan. AVITIM advices on, develops and delivers software products and industry solutions for Kazakhstan business since 1989. Starting from 2006 the company specializes in custom 1C configurations automatizing accounting, tax and management accounting, providing advice on 1C products.

1C consulting

How it works

  • We finalize, optimize or implement

    We finalize, optimize or implement

  • We advise and we select a 1C product 

    We advise and we select a 1C product 

  • We conclude an agreement

    We conclude an agreement

  • Analyzing the customer base

    Analyzing the customer base


  • Verified qualification Verified qualification

    We met the terms of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the quality management system at the Veritas bureau. All our employees work according to international quality standards.

  • Constant growth of competencies Constant growth of competencies

    Over the entire period of work, more than 120 training courses have been completed in 1C training firms, and we have confirmed our qualifications with 116 certificates at Certified Examination Centers (1C: CEC).

  • Experience in solving non-standard tasks Experience in solving non-standard tasks

    We undertake not only the implementation of ready-made solutions, but also the refinement of existing programs. We maintain previously changed and modified configurations.

  • We help small and medium-sized businesses to automate accounting processes in order to save costs on routine work.

    1C consulting. Offer for small business

    We optimize the functionality

    We set up the work of 1C to debug automation processes.

    We free the accountant

    We set the accountant free from routine assignments to focus on important tasks.

    1C consulting

    We set the releases

    We will make all the updates on time so that the software supports all the novices of the government.

    We will help with reporting

    We will answer questions during the putting up of regular reporting or the accompanying invoices for goods.

  • We will teach your employees to work with complex software products so that all processes are as transparent and safe as possible.

    1C consulting. Offer for large production enterprises

    We will streamline the work of all departments

    We will help you set up complex automation of production or we will consult you on how to do it properly

    Set up transparent accounting

    We will give a simple and visual tool for effective and modern production management.

    1C consulting

    We will give control over the activities of the entire enterprise

    Full control over the activities of employees, financial activities, reporting and taxation.

    We consult employees and level the risks

    Eliminate inadvertent errors of employees working with software and risks to the company.

  • We will select the functionality of the software that is necessary for the specifics of your company with taking into account trading activities or the work of all branches.

    1C consulting. Offer for trading companies

    We will help you set up the software

    We will adjust the work of the software so that it is perfectly tailored to your business processes.

    We will teach you how to download the necessary reports

    We will help you upload reports that meet the requirements of company managers.

    1C consulting

    We advise on non-standard functionality

    If we implement non-standard functionality, we will teach your employees to work with it.

    We will improve your current functionality

    We will expand the capabilities of the software configuration that is already installed in your company for your business processes.

  • We will establish an accessible work of foreign representative offices in the Kazakhstani market and establish data exchange with the head office.

    1C consulting. Offer for foreign representative offices

    We integrate into business processes

    We will help you set up data exchange between 1C and the software of the representative office

    We speak English

    Many of our IT professionals are fluent in English, and can provide consultations.

    1C consulting

    We can work directly with head office

    We will help you to collect a specific reportin English for the head office according to your template.

    We secure your data

    We set up regular backups and backup copies to keep your company data safe.


Avitim has 3 departments specializing both in individual typical tasks and in complex projects.

  • Support Support

    Consultations on the configuration of typical systems: documents, registers, directories, accounts.

  • Development Development

    Development of new configurations and reports for the efficient operation of the company.

  • Project Management department Project Management department

    Supervision of large and complex projects with non-standard solutions and an integrated approach.

Well-established consultation system

  • Single-window system
    Single-window system

    We accept all applications through the Asista ITSM system: one application for all requests for 1C and IT support.

  • Our own CRM system
    Our own CRM system

    We have our own request tracking system: as soon as you leave your request, our specialists immediately see it.

  • Responsiveness

    We respond to your request and assign an IT specialist to deal with your issue within 15 minutes.

Customer Reviews

We successfully solve the problems of companies from different sectors of Kazakhstani business:

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