How does work work after the conclusion of an IT outsourcing contract?

After the contract is signed, the first thing to do is to start working with project managers. Their task is to fully accept the company and enter all the data related to IT into our CRM system so that we can provide full support to the customer.

Simultaneously, if the client has server hardware, the server specialist service checks the servers with later acceptance.

Once the work is completed, the project manager provides a work plan and recommendations for fixing or improving the client's IT infrastructure.

How are subscription prices determined? Can you give me a discount?

We have tried to display the average cost of the market. There are no identical clients, it can be both cheaper and more expensive, depending on the requirements.

Why should we trust you and work with you?

Our company employs 80 certified IT experts, so flexible solutions are created for business specificities. We are responsible for the result!

We respond within 15 minutes, so problems are solved quickly.

We are transparent and provide a report on all requests so that the client sees and monitors each action.

Due to our resource and expertise, we respond FAST and COMPREHENSIVELY, so production downtime is excluded.

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Was this article helpful?