When opening a new office, what will the IT outsourcing process look like?

The opening starts with the renovation of the office (the installation work is done at this point) or in rare cases after the renovation.

Ideally workstations, PCs, laptops and servers are prepared alongside the installation work, after which our specialists are engaged in installation and final configuration at the client's office. It is from this moment that the subscription service for the PC fleet begins.

We need to prepare a new workplace. It is planned to open a branch or move to a new office. How is this work performed within the context of IT outsourcing?

Before you move or open a new branch, you should check your existing IT infrastructure to determine the infrastructure components that need to be maintained and those that need to be replaced.

At the project planning stage, based on the audit of the IT infrastructure, you determine which elements of the infrastructure can be migrated and which should be replaced, and you also determine which new elements should be added.

Having learned the requirements for a new workplace, you select equipment, make a list of software that needs to be installed, and determine the need to configure access to the company's servers.

Installation and configuration of hardware and software are made taking into account the specifics of the company: access to information that should not fall into the wrong hands is blocked, additional protection mechanisms are installed, etc.

After installation and configuration, tests are performed to determine application availability, software speed and hardware functionality status.

Before commissioning a new workplace, users are instructed on how to work with new equipment and software.

After carrying out the above steps, the new workplace is ready for use.

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